Go back into your room and call security

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Trying to reason with these boys isn't worth it, it's best to let the security deal with them. You give a roll of your eyes then walk back into your apartment,shutting the door behind you drowning out their laughter and sneering comments. It doesn't take long to call the security using the numbers sheet next to the phone. A horse voiced man promises to be down there in five minutes tops. Meanwhile the boys are evidently cat calling outside as they peer back into the window. You're glad to you at least tried to make a stand but feel that at the same time you've really just provoked them further into wanting to taunt you. Nonetheless you give them a forced smile then sit on the bed with your back facing them

Luckily for you the security keeps their word. In a few minutes you hear the same horse voice telling the kids to leave the premises. The boys,though at first insisting they're doing nothing wrong, eventually give in and leave. There's a knock on the door and you open up to find the security guard (a skinny but slightly bulky middle aged man) standing at the doorway grinning at you. "They're gone" he says "hopefully they stay gone for a while". "Yea" you reply "thanks so much for that I don't know how to repay you" "No problem, but I think I know a way you can repay me"

You know what he's hinting at and know that he's not letting up


Invite him in to enjoy some alone time with you

Make a noise of disgust and shut the door in his face

Try to talk him out of it

Leave and go back home; You're not dealing with this

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