Go back to Chad's house maybe it's not too late

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You decide that you chose wrong. With a mix of anger and nervousness you turn and run back to Chad's house. "How could you just sell out your own little sister like that?" you think to yourself.

You get back to the house and hear moaning and grunting by the side window. Looking in the window, you see your little sister on her knees with a group of about 20 guys, all shoving their cocks in her face.

Miranda is naked and it almost looks like she is enjoying herself. She's trying hard to do a good job as the guys moan, and she takes turns sucking on their cocks. The size difference is obvious as she struggles to even get her lips around the head of some of the cocks, but she is trying her best anyway, getting complimented from the guys.

"Miranda, you're a good little slut," John says grinning. "You know what a slut is?"

She shakes her head, or at least tries to because she's also pleasing a cock with her tongue. It is partly disgusting, partly sexy, and partly fascinating to see your little sister trying to make all these guys happy.

"A slut is a girl who makes all the boys and men happy. Everyone likes a good slut. Ain't that right boys?"

Some of your teammates just laugh, others voice their agreement. "So, do you want to be a good slut? A good, hot, little slut for us?"

Miranda pulls her head away from the dick she is slurping on, grinning broadly. There is a bit of precum on her chin and glistening on her lips, but she does not seem to be bothered by this. She nods happily. "Yeah!"

Do you:

You are:
Josh, age 15
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