Go back to Chad's house to get Miranda

From Create Your Own Story

You do your walk to Chad's house, wondering how Miranda will be when you get her after this experience.

You knock on Chad's door and he answers, letting you into the house. He is naked and looks exhausted. "Hey man looks like both your sisters are great for team morale", Chad says.

Both of you walk into the living room and it appears all the other players on the football team have already left. "Hey, where is my sister?" you ask as he takes you up the stairs to his bedroom. Miranda is laying down on his bed completely naked with streaks of cum across her body. Her ass is facing you and it looks like Chad was just pounding her before you knocked on the door.

"Dude, she was a trooper and really wanted to make us all happy," Chad said. "We'll have to do this again!"

You are:
Josh, age 15
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