Go back to the gas station convenience store

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked and having fun

Looks like your favorite cashier is getting a repeat performance. The thought makes you giggle. Unlike last time, this time you're doing it on purpose. You giggle even more and feel a little moisture escape your love hole. You park right up front and boldly step out of your car and head straight into the store. The plan is to buy a hot dog, tease a little, and leave. The bell rings as you step in. The cashier's eyes bolt straight to your naked form. What you hadn't accounted for was that there are other customers there. Three college guys and a college girl, probably there to buy some beer. As much as your instincts and conscience want you turn and leave your conscious brain knows that once again they've seen everything and rather be seen as an exhibitionist than an idiot. You don't even try to cover anything as you stroll right past the college kids and their cat calls and whistles.

You garb a hot dog from the rack and head up to the wide-eyed cashier with one hand on your hip. You may be the naked one but you feel like you have all the power here. It takes him several minutes but the cashier eventually stammers out "Th-th-that'll b-b-be th-three f-f-f-fifty". "Shit", you think. You left your wallet in your pants. How stupid will you look forgetting your wallet and having to go back to your car, search for your wallet, and come back all completely naked? Holding to your principle that you'd rather look slutty than stupid, you put one foot on a nearby shelf, spreading your pussy wide open in the process, and ask "How much was that again?". The cashier is absolutely awestruck and it takes him even longer to respond this time. "F-f-free".

You look to see the college kids snapping pictures of you on their smart phones. Shit, you don't wanna be all over the internet like this. That would DEFINITELY make you look slutty AND stupid. "Hey boys", you say in a sultry voice, "delete those pictures and I'll REALLY give you something to remember.". They all hand over their phones and you delete their photos. You even turn off their phones so they won't be able to take more of them. You're tempted to break the bargain and leave but that's not like you to do that. Even IF you're about to do something that'll make your last exposure seem tame. "so, you like what you see?", you ask rhetorically, "does this make you horny?", you ask rhetorically again as you spread your pussy cheeks with your hands. "Well, I have a secret", you say as you lick your lips, "it makes me very horny too". You take your free hot dog and you start licking it, flicking your tongue gently against the tip. You take the hot dog out of the bun and start sucking it. You reach down and start rubbing your clit. First slow then fast. You bring yourself to a delicious orgasm then you bow (giving the cashier a good look right up your cunt) and and wave to your audience. You leave the store. Just as you get in your car the girl steps up and you think she's going to chew you out. You prepare yourself. Instead, she says "Hi I'm April and I just wanted to say that was totally awesome. I love how brave and confident you were there. I'd never be able to do anything like that. And the amount of power you had over the guys was just astonishing. You are amazing, how do you do it?"

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