Go home and wait for a text from Jessica

From Create Your Own Story

The way she asks you if you really want to come in with her make you take a double-take. Well, do you? Do you really risk it? Perhaps it is better not knowing what is happening there. Deciding to play it safe you shrug and tell her that you wait for a text for her. As she closes the door in front of you, you get the feeling that you made a very stupid decision.

You don't really feel like going home. Instead you start walking aimlessly. You end up at a small burger place and grab a bite to eat. With every swallow you second guess yourself. You could have stayed to watch. You could have taken them both home. You should have never gotten them involved with Chad in the first place.

Trying to distract yourself, you pull out your phone. It's barely been twenty minutes. Time never seems to work properly when you're waiting.

You are:
Josh, age 15
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