Go in the Vault

From Create Your Own Story

You walk around, looking for any clue as to what happened, and more importantly, why. You wander around corridors some more before finding yourself in a cryogenic chamber room, one you hadn't seen before. You look around, hoping beyond hope that one is still functioning. Looking around the room, towards the back...

no...it can't be...

...is it?

Running to the back of the room, you are ecstatic to see a working Cyro chamber. You look for a way to open it, but the button just produces a buzzing noise. Looking inside, you see a beautiful young woman, 25 or so, about your age. She is drop-dead gorgeous. Her face is pretty, with short black hair framing it. Her stomach is thin, but not too thin, as if someone had perfectly engineered her curves. Her lower area widens out again, and although you can't see it, you suspect she has a fine ass. Most prominently are her two firm, large boobs, which you say are about DD cup, a cup larger than your wife's.

You look to the sides and see a terminal on a table in the corner. You run to it. The computer screen is black, and some wires are sticking out.

(Intelligence) You see the wire with a gash in it, but you manage to bypass the power

(Jury Rig) You take the wires out and rig up the terminal to an old car battery

Data Tips Quest:


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