Go inside Chad's room and watch your tiny sister getting used as cum-dump

From Create Your Own Story

You need some more time to think this all over, you are not sure how to proceed from here. Without you even really realizing what you do your feet take you back into the room, where you take a place somewhere at the wall as if to indicate that you are not in line to get your balls drained, yet still able to watch. And there before you on the bed your sister is still getting her holes stuffed, all three of them at the moment. One burly guy you have never seen before is burying his thick dick in her mouth up to the hilt, with every thrust his shaft vanishes completely into her mouth and throat. Someone else is pushing his dick into her compact ass, holding tightly onto her hips, and some other guy is laying beneath her and moves his package in and out of her tiny snatch.

You simply stand there and watch, in a daze, thinking about this situation and your next step. The guy in your sister's mouth suddenly pulls out and shoots his load onto her already messed up face, some of his sperm getting into her matted hair. Then he steps away, obviously satisfied, and someone else takes his place. Miranda's hair is grabbed roughly and her head is pulled forward and like an obedient little cock-whore she goes along with it without any sign of complaint. She opens her mouth downright eagerly and licks around the head of the cock, before it is shoved into her mouth and throat. You see her gagging for a second, but no one seems to care and then already the next dick is face-fucking her vigorously.

The guy in her ass is finished too, stepping away and being replaced by someone else. With little warning besides a pair of huge hands gripping her hips a cock was shoved straight into her dripping behind, the guy moaning in pleasure and grinning with glee. Again she was stuffed airtight and like a limp fuck-doll she hangs there getting used.

You are:
Josh, age 15
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