Go into the Spinning Room

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Clothed and Overheated

The lines are short on this hot day, so you are quickly able to pay and get into the spinning room.

You breathe a sigh or relief as you step into the air conditioning.

Several other guys get in with you. The attendant closes the door and heads up to his booth. He instructs everyone to step up flat against the wall. As everyone complies, the room starts spinning. within moments, you are pressed flat against the wall by the force. Then, the floor drops away, but you remain stuck to the wall.

The guys are staring at you, and you soon realize why: your hem has ridden up, and your bare crotch hints its existence. You blush, and then try to reach the edge of your dress, but you can't because of the force pressing you against the wall. So you try to scoot up the wall, hoping it will pull the edge down. Slowly, with each fraction of an inch your hem seems to be riding down when ...

Your breasts explode out of the top of your dress! You hadn't noticed that you were pulling the top edge of your dress down as well.

The guys hoot at your display.

The floor raises back up, and the room slows down, and you are able to move again. But as you try to pull your dress into position, a guy grabs your wrist.

"We were enjoying the show."

You try to pull away, and as your free hand lets go of your dress to hit him, your dress falls to your ankles.

The guys cheer as they pull you to the center of the room, and down onto your knees, leaving your dress by the wall. Cocks pop out of zippers. You try to shout for help, but a cock is forced into your mouth, as someone grabs your hair, holding you in place. As he guides your head back and forth across his shaft, others put your hands on their dicks. Overwhelmed by the situation, you start jerking them.

They cum quickly, spraying your face and chest. Then, your are lifted up, and deposited on your back.

Cocks guide themselves into your mouth and pussy, and you begin to thrust in response. Somebody sits on your chest, placing his dick between your breasts, which he mashes together, and thrusts into. You find a prick in each hand, and you begin to stroke them furiously.

You are pushed and pulled, squeezed and squished into a rhythm. One by one, the men squirt their load in and on you, as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure causes you to shudder.

You gather your wits as the guys leave. You look for your dress, but it is nowhere to be found.

The attendant says you have to go. You indicate your nakedness, and he says if you don't leave, he'll call the cops.

You run unsteadily out onto the boardwalk. The sun blinds you, so first you hear the gasps. Then the hoots of guys. Then the condescending clicks, and murmurs of "slut". As your eyes adjust, one women comes up to you. "Have you no shame? There are kids here!"

You beg her for help, trying to say what happened, but she threatens to call the cops, so you:

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