Go on the surf generator

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Clothed & Crowded

You've never tried the surf generator before and you've been dying to try it out at least once. You get on the board and you're doing an amazing job. You look like you've done this before. The people watching cheer as you hit every wave.

A problem develops though. All the motion is causing your bikini to slide down. You need your arms to balance so you hope gravity takes pity on you. It doesn't. In moments your bikini slips to reveal most of your ass and threatens to expose your young shaved pussy to your audience. But you manage to keep them just above your pussy line for several minutes, denying your audience access to live porno.

Then a large wave comes and nearly causes you to lose your balance. You win the battle to keep from wiping out but your war for modesty is now officially lost. Your bottoms hang at your knees and your stunning pussy and lovely ass are out for anyone to see. Your audience cheers, but this time it isn't for your amazing skills. Before you can even decide to risk wiping out to fix your predicament, another wave hits you and the motions you make to avoid falling over drop your bottoms to your ankles. The crowd here was small initially but it is growing by the second. What do you do?

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