Go out and find your own mate

From Create Your Own Story

Yes, you want to go out and find you own mate and not have some hand me down whore. You come from a long line of proud, sexually strong orcs and you don't want to disappoint your ancestors.

The question is, how do you claim your future mate, whoever she may be? Since you aren't the strongest, fastest, or largest orc, you are at a disadvantage. You could ask one of your brothers for help, but that would mean that you would have to share your mate with them. If you asked your dad for help, it would only be for training, as he would keep her, and you'd have to just find another. Though a dark elf, your mom might be willing to help, and asking her would not have downside that you know of. There's also your uncle, you haven't spent that much time with him recently, and it might be nice to visit him.


Health Horny, needing a mate Equipment:


Experience Virgin
HP 100
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