Go see what Reggie's up to

From Create Your Own Story

As you approach Reggie's home, you see his garage door is open. Moving further up, you see Reggie, working out. You see Reggie lying on a bench as he lifts two steel dumbbells. You recall that Reggie is home alone as his parents had left for a conference for two days.

You notice that Reggie is wearing a white tank top and the school's gym shorts. His tank top is drenched slightly in the front and his gym shorts show a noticeable bulge. Reggie continues to move the dumbbells up and down as he grunts each time. Sweat drips down from the side of Reggie's head and the sweat on his body glistens.

You can feel your dick, gone soft from the walking, begin to twitch as you get closer and closer. You notice Reggie's chiseled biceps and his rippling pecs. You -especially- notice Reggie's crotch.

Continue walking and go to the beach

See if you can get lucky with Reggie

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