Go sit with the chubby brunette

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You let the waitress know what you're doing, then move to the chubby brunette's table.

"Hi," she says with a smile. "I'm Peggy."

"I'm Ty."

After a discussion about the complete ridiculousness of "Peggy" being short for "Margaret", you find out that Peggy works from home taking the 4 pm to midnight shift as an online contractor. She seems very happy to meet you, as she doesn't often get a chance to meet new people, and because of her size, very few people want to socialize with her. She drops a few hints that are as broad as she is about being lonely.

You inform her that you'd be more than willing to accompany her back to her studio apartment after the meal. 30 minutes later, you've both paid your checks and have reached her apartment, made pit stops and climbed naked onto the bed. Peggy pins you to the bed -- she's surprisingly strong -- and forces her eager tongue about halfway down your throat. She climbs on top of you as she does so and grinds her pussy against your cock.

When she finally breaks the lip-lock, she gives you a seductive smile. "I had pediatric cancer and had my ovaries removed as a consequence. I've been cancer-free for 10 years and can't get pregnant." She rubs her now dripping pussy even more firmly against your cock.

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