Go swimming in the pond (don't have bikini with you)

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Clothed and overheated

It's way too hot out, even near the pond. There's no way you can keep jogging. The pond itself looks very cool and inviting though. Too bad you didn't think to bring a swimsuit with you. "Well, bra and panties are pretty much the same thing as a bikini. They pretty much cover the same things", you reason. With that you take off your sweaty pants and shirt and start wading into the pond. You swim around for a bit and meet some people who are swimming like you including a group of college kids, two boys and three girls. You have a great time with them and as are talking to Steve, Mike, and James, Stacey whispers to Amber while pointing at you and both giggle. You can't help but wonder why. You look at yourself and realize why. You also realize the difference between a swimsuit and cotton bra and panties: you can see through them when they get wet! Your face turns deep red. "Uh oh I think she figured it out" teases Amber "How long did you guys see that and how long were you planning on embarrassing me like that?" you ask, indignantly. "Relax", says Stacey, "It's no big deal". Stacey casually reaches under water and pulls out her bottoms. And proudly displays them to you then reaches behind and pulls off her top. She hands both to Amber who has already done the same and Amber swims to the shore and throws the suits by their cooler "See, now we look just like you", says Stacey with a wink. Amber swims back and says "I think she's overdressed now" Stacey agrees "Take off that nasty sweaty underwear. We don't mind". Amber nods at you and smiles. What do you do?

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