Go to a different wing of the museum

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Status: Clothed & At The Museum

Tempting as it would be, you decide to leave the statue alone and check out the rest of the museum.

You happen by one of the museum's classrooms, where an art class is about to begin. A worried-looking instructor is pacing around until he happens to notice you. He glances at you, smiles, and walks over. "Excuse me, miss? Would you be interested in a modeling gig for $200? Our model canceled on us, and my students are supposed to have a session on drawing the human figure."

"It wouldn't happen to be a nude figure they'd be drawing, would it?"

The instructor blushes. "Yes, miss. They're supposed to be doing a painting of Andromeda, bound naked to a stone and about to be sacrificed to a sea monster before she is rescued by Perseus. It's a lot to ask a total stranger, but if you could help us out, I'd be very grateful."

What do you think?

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