Go to someone's house

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You decide to go to someone's house.

Since you're in the past, you know people that do not yet know you.

So where will you go?

Anna's house. Anna is a girl you have known since high school so she would know you. She's a cute blonde with great hips - the high school crush you never had.

Faye's house. Faye is a redhead that you saw intermittently throughout college. She's kind of a friend but you two don't know each other really well. She's got a great body.

Maddi's house. Maddi is a blonde that dates one of your friends in the future. She has a perfect body (nice tits, voluptuous ass) and has a lot of the same interests as you. Unfortunately, she doesn't know you yet.

Anna's house

Faye's house

Maddi's house

Or do you want to go somewhere else?

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