Go to the beach?

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Clothed & Sexy

You jump into the shower, and wash your sweaty skin with cool water. You giggle a little as your nipples crinkle and erect.

You jump out of the shower, and let the cool water evaporate off you.

You reach into your gym bag, looking for your swim suit, and strangely not finding it. Then, you remember it's in the dryer, so you pull it out and on. It's a skimpy two piece that is half a size too small for you, but as you tie the straps into bows and gaze at yourself in the mirror, you like how you look. You clip a house key to a strap, slip on sandals, and head out the door, carrying a cheap beach chair and a tube of sunscreen with you. You figure you don't need a towel, as the warm air can dry you off.

The beach is just a few blocks away, and parking would be a nightmare at this time, so you decide to walk.

As you walk onto the sand, passing signs warning about the dangers of rip tide, guys' heads turn everywhere, following you, much to the chagrin of any girls next to them. You smile, and jiggle your barely contained assets, soaking up the attention.

You plant your chair, sit in it, and begin to apply sunscreen slowly, sensually.

A guy comes close, watching you stroke your smooth skin. He's apparently unattached.


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