Go to the breeding stable and see what they have

From Create Your Own Story

Being so small and weak for an orc, there's very little chance that you'd successfully claim your own mate. So with a sigh, you head over to the breeding stable. Inside are various females, all chained to their pens. They leap to the bars of their pens once they see you, and reach out to you.

"Cock! I need cock!" one begs.

"Please, Master! Let me pleasure you!" another pleads.

The sight is truly disgusting, but not unsurprising, as an orc's sperm is highly addictive. Among the females, there is one elf, several middle aged humans, a couple of cows, a horse, and a donkey. They're all free, seeing as no one wants them, but there's not really a single one that strikes your fancy. What to do?



Health Horny, needing a mate Equipment:


Experience Virgin
HP 100
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