Go to the farm on the right

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You swing over towards the farm on the right. You decide to be polite and knock on the door, as you want to keep the rest of your mate's family happy.

An adult human woman opens it. She's got brown hair and a cute, if slightly weather-worn, face. She's slim, with a decent bust. She doesn't look scared of you, just puzzled.

"Hello," she says. "I'm Molly. Who are you and why are you here?"

"Orcs don't have names," you reply. "May I come in?"

Molly quickly looks around to see if there are any more orcs in the vicinity. Then she lets you in. She probably figures that one naked orc without even a weapon can't be a particularly big danger.

"Thank you."

"You're welcome. Are you hungry?"

There are delicious smells coming from the kitchen. You follow Molly in, to find that the food is ready to eat.

You also see two human women who may or may not be adults. If so, they're just barely so.

"My daughters," Molly explains. "Tina and Lila. Tina is the younger. She just had her nineteenth birthday."

Both daughters are also brown-haired and slim, with slightly less bust than their mother. You don't see any signs of a father. Before you can ask, Molly seems to read your mind.

"My husband died six months ago when he got gored by a boar he was hunting."

Well, this is certainly interesting.

Health Horny, needing a mate Equipment:


Experience Virgin
HP 40
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