Go to your bedroom with Jessica

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Craving your daughter's pussy you move towards her and you place your hands onto her wet pussy. "Let's go to my room, sweetie" you suggest. Jessica's eyes light up as she nods in agreement. You head to the room separately not wishing to arouse suspicion. You pass your husband on your way in and kiss him on the cheek. You would invite him to join in but he is obviously too tired and in a hurry for work. You wait inside for your daughter and you hear her greet your husband on the stairs. Seconds later she walks into the room. You walk towards her and pull her head to yours, giving her a passionate kiss. With one hand you press your lips against hers, exploring her mouth with your tongue, your other hand resting on her cunt. Jessica starts grinding her pussy on your hand and begins moaning. "Yeah mom! Stick your fingers inside me!!" she mumbles without stopping kissing you. Her hand resting on your ass wanders further down and reaches your pussy with some difficulties and starts rubbing it.

You embrace your daughter’s fingers on your pussy as it starts to get wet. You guide her to her bed and lie her down. Only now do your lips part as you move lower down her body, stopping to kiss her nipples and belly before kissing her clit. You now guide your fingers into your daughter’s pussy and she lets out a low moan. Jessica’s innocent pussy clenches and contracts around your fingers, as you move two fingers in and out while massaging her clit with your tongue.

You pull your fingers out and use them to part her lips, you lick your tongue all the way up her slit, enjoying the taste of her juice before reversing course and licking all the way back down. Her legs shudder as your tongue touches her again and she moves to sit on the edge of the bed, opening her legs for you.

Crawling in between her legs you let her hands guide your face back to her pussy. Reaching your tongue out you flick it against her clit, feeling her shudder with pleasure at the contact. You dive in more, sucking her clit into your mouth.

She moans louder as you continue to suck on her clit, using her hands to push your face harder into her as her breathing gets faster. You gently pinch your lips together, biting her clit with them as your tongue flicks across it. Jessica gasps and says "Oh god that feels good, please don't stop, I'm cumming."

Suddenly her hands grip your hair, shoving your face even tighter against her sex and her legs clamp down. You continue nibbling and licking her clit and her body shakes in a powerful orgasm. As she slowly comes down from it she gasps to catch her breathe before saying, "Wow. that was absolutely incredible."

She leaps up from the bed and pushes you onto it. She pulls down your PJs and dives tongue first into your cunt. You feel absolutely amazing as your daughter's tongue licks every inch of your pussy. You let out a loud moan as Jessica slides two fingers into your pussy. Throughout this whole time her tongue is massaging your clit faster than anything you've ever felt. You can feel your vagina being pushed onto again and again and again. You pull at your daughter's head and try to shove her head deeper into your cunt. You feel the tingling and pleasure rising in your body as an orgasm waves over your body. You tremble and nearly fall off the bed but Jessica stops you, persistent to catch all of your orgasm juices.

As the orgasm subsides Jessica jumps up and kisses you, and you taste your own juices. As she pulls away she seductively licks your lips and smacks you on the ass. You let out a squeal at your daughter's kinkiness and roll over presenting your ass. Jessica seems a little confused until you grab the back of her head and jam it into the back of your pussy. She struggles at first but soon you feel her tongue doing what it does best. In no time at all her fingers are knuckle deep in your pussy and your head is deep in a pillow muffling out loud moans. You can hear your daughter also moaning, you're not sure why - you guess she is probably just caught up in the moment. You gyrate on your daughter's face for another minute as another orgasm sweeps over you. Once again your body trembles and shakes violently. When you regain composure you feel the need to satisfy your daughter again. As you face her you see she has three fingers shoved all the way up her cunt, and fluid dripping down them. Well, that explains the moans. You take your daughter's fingers and suck on them as she sucks the ones that were in your pussy. When you've licked up every drop you dress yourself and give a big smack to your daughter's ass.

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