Go with Helene to use her "cool tub"

From Create Your Own Story

It's still very hot today, with no sign of any relief. Your recent activities have required quite a bit of exertion from you, which hasn't helped. The idea of spending time with Helene in her "cool tub" is very appealing.

"You go ahead," you say. "I'll join you there in a few minutes."

Helene smiles. "Okay. I'll get things ready for you."

You go back to your bedroom and put on your thong bikini. You grab a towel and your keys. You put on flip-flops and head for the door. You step outside and shut your door. You turn to lock it.

When you turn away from the door, you find yourself face to face with three men and one woman. Two of the men are in police uniforms. The woman and the other man are in business clothes.

"You're under arrest," the man says.

"What for?"

"Kidnapping, false imprisonment, first-degree sexual assault, and felony assault with a deadly weapon. There may be other charges, but those will do for starters."

"What? What are you talking about?"

"Were you down at the local swimming hole earlier today?"


"Did you encounter a strangely dressed man with glasses?"

"Yes," you say. "He was whacking off on my clothes. I just tried to teach him a lesson about not doing that."

"You think maybe you were a little too rough?"

"He won't forget it, will he?"

"In any case, you need to come with us."

They take you to the police station, where you are booked and held in jail in lieu of the million dollar bail the judge sets. You quickly learn that you are not a popular prisoner.

You protest your cause, but no one is too sympathetic. Everyone you talk to, including your own lawyer, point out that what you did wasn't justified by what the miscreant did to you, and you should have tried to escape.

Your lawyer does what he can for you, but it isn't much. The state's case is too strong, and you are found guilty on all counts. You receive a long enough sentence that you will spend the rest of your life in prison. And, as you are reminded at every turn, you are now a convicted rapist, and rapists do hard time.


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