Going Out With a Bang

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked & ???

"Welcome back," Walt said. "Did you have a good sleep?"

Your head hurts and your mouth is dry. You try to tell Walt you did not sleep well, but all you can manage to say is, "Mmmmmm."

You frown, but quickly realize the problem. You are gagged; a thick tight scarf holds your lips and teeth open and prevents your tongue from moving. Now that you are more aware of your situation, you can tell that your arms are bound behind your back with generous amounts of rope around your wrists and elbows. You are still naked, and Walt seems to be feasting his eyes on your tits, which bounce as you tug at your bonds.

"This is an old silver mine. It ran dry over a hundred years ago, and I doubt anyone remembers it exists."

You look around you. You are sitting against a wall in a small room with dirt walls and floor. Wooden beams support the walls and brace the ceiling. A passage in the wall across from you leads into darkness. In fact, the whole room is dark. You can barely see Walt.

When you look at him again, he is holding something long and thin and tubular. "This is a stick of dynamite."


He holds something else in his other hand. "This is a tube of superglue."

"Mmmmmm!" You shake your head. You want to crawl away from Walt, but you can't go anywhere because you are leaning against a wall that blocks your progress, and Walt is standing between you and the only way out. Even if you could get to your feet quickly, which you aren't certain you can do, you know you'd never get past him.

You watch, apprehensively, as Walt squirts some of the glue on the stick of dynamite. Then he bends down and inserts the dynamite up your pussy, teasing it in and sliding it up until the end of the stick is resting against your cervix. He holds it in place while the glue dries.

When the glue is dry, he lets of the dynamite. "There you go. Now, in the unlikely event that you do get free, it won't matter. You can't get that dynamite out of you."

He strikes a large match on the wall, then uses it to light the fuse.

"This will burn long enough for me to get clear before it goes off. It will leave nothing of you when it does."

He walks over to the doorway. "Take care of yourself." He steps into the corridor, pushing a large wooden door braced with iron shut behind him. It shuts with a click, leaving you alone.

"MMMMMMMMM! MMMMM!" You scream into your gag. Tears start flowing down your cheeks. You frantically start struggling with your bonds with all your might. Your eyes are glued to the fuse, which is sparking and burning between your legs.

You struggle without result, scream without stopping, and watch the fuse burn away, inexorably becoming shorter and shorter. There is nothing you can do to stop it from reaching the dynamite. The only thing you can do is watch the fuse burn.

Burn it does. You have no idea how long it takes to burn all the way down. You watch the spark disappear inside the dynamite.

Nothing happens.

It didn't g-- you think, which is as far as you get before the dynamite really does go off.

The blast is enough to vaporize you, before you even have a chance to realize what is happening.


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