Good Son:Take your ass

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Lying on your stomach, you can feel your Grandpa climb onto the bed, on top of you. He puts his knees between your legs and forces them apart.

Roughly grabbing both your ass cheeks in his hands, he spreads them wide to reveal your pink little pucker.

You hear him spit, and splash of warm wetness hits your asshole. He spits a couple more times, getting your asshole good and wet. Your Grandpa lets go of one of your ass cheeks and shortly after you feel his swollen cock head start to push against your wet hole.

You relax against the attempted intrusion and his thick cock slides right in. Your Grandpa's meat stretching you wide open it hurts a little, but the pleasure of it sliding in, far out weighs the pain. His cock continues to slide in until it completely fills you and you feel his balls come to rest on yours.

You hear your Grandpas voice right next to your ear, "This has to be the tightest little ass I've ever had."

You can only moan in reply, but you smile realizing your Grandpa is enjoying this as much as you are.

After giving you a moment to adjust, your Grandpa starts to slowly slide his fat cock in and out of your tight ass. The feeling of it causes your eyes to roll back and your toes to curl.

He starts to pick up the pace and really starting to fuck you hard, soon sliding his cock rapidly in and out of your ass. You moan like a whore at the continued pumping from your Grandpas huge dick.

"Oh yeah! Moan like the little whore you are!", you hear your Grandpa say as he smacks your ass again and again.

Planting a hand on your head, your Grandpa grabs a fistful of hair and pulls your head off the bed back to him.

"Beg for me to cum inside you. Beg for me to fill you with cum!" he whispers in your ear.

"Please Grandpa! Cum inside me! Fill my ass-pussy with your cum!" you hear yourself almost shout.

"Here it comes little whore!" he growls as the pace of his fucking your ass increases. All of a sudden he hilts himself inside you and groans. You feel his cock spasm inside you and a gush of warmth shoots from it. You feel shot after shot shoot deep inside you and it sends you over the edge. Your own cock spasms and send several shots across the bed in front of you. Your asshole squeezes down on your Grandpas cock, causing even more cum to shoot from it, filling you even more.

As both your orgasms subside, you collapse onto the bed, and into your own pool of cum. Then your Grandpa lays down on top of you, leaving his now softening cock still in you.

After several minutes, your Grandpa gets off of you, pulling his soft cock out of you with a wet plop.

"Go clean your self up boy," he says. "but be ready for me tonight. I'll come to your room after everyone else has gone to bed."

You collect your clothes and quickly head to the bathroom and get in the shower. You jack off in the shower reliving what just happened and looking forward to tonight.

You spend the rest of the day in your room waiting for night time.

Close to midnight, your door opens slowly and your Grandpa walks in.

Not even waiting for him to get to you, you bend over your bed and soon feel your Grandpas cock push against your asshole.

Over the next few hours, your Grandpa cums up your ass and down your throat several times. This continues almost nightly for the next several weeks.

Eventually, all you can think about is sucking and riding cock.

You start to work in gay porn and spend the rest of your life being a cock slut on film.

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