Good son:Siri rides Milo

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"I think I'm ready for the next level," Siri says as she gets off of Milo, his face covered in her pussy juice. "Oh my, Milo, I guess I'm enjoying it too much! You look like a glazed donut!" she laughs.

"No, it's OK. It's a sign I did a good job," Milo says, and Siri starts to lick his face.

"So... I think I want to take this to the next level," Siri repeats, biting her lower lip coyly. "Would you like to take my virginity?" she asks as seductively as she can.

"Well, yes, but are you sure? Not to sound boastful, but I'm pretty big for someone's first time. I'd hate to ruin you," Milo states.

Though he's intent on making sure it's OK to proceed, Siri responds not with words, but by straddling Milo's waist and guiding his large cock to her wet and virginal vaginal opening. She slowly lowers herself, allowing the head of Milo's cock to penetrate her, and gives out a light moan, having never had a cock inside her before now. She continues lowering herself, slowly allowing a few inches inside, before a light yelp of pain is forced out of her, and a light trickle of crimson runs down the exposed majority of Milo's cock.

"Are you OK?" Milo asks in a soothing tone. "We can stop if it's too much."

Siri bites her lip and takes a breath. "No, I don't want to stop," she grunts, "you just popped my cherry." As if to match the blood running down her thighs, a small trickle of tears runs down her face "It hurts a little bit, but..."

She opens her legs and slides down slowly, trying to work more of his cock inside her, until finally managing to get the entire length inside her. "There, it's all the way in." she gasps. "Give me a minute... Let me just feel it inside me."

"Wow. This feels great," Milo says. "Do you think you can keep going?"

"I want to try," Siri whines, and she begins to slowly rock her hips. "Oh my god, this feels amazing." Siri starts to pick up the pace, rocking harder and faster, and begins to moan. "Your cock is amazing! I'm so glad I chose you to be my first!"

Siri starts bouncing up and down on Milo's giant cock, moaning loudly and losing all restraint. As you watch, you work your fingers into your own sloppy pussy, turned on by the sight of your little sister's deflowering. You feel a pressure build until you can't hold it any more, and you suddenly spray a huge amount of female ejaculate, like a busted fire hydrant. Exhausted, you watch as your sister and Milo finish fucking. "Oh my god, cum inside me!" Siri yells.

"Are you sure?" Milo asks.

"No... But I want to feel your hot jizz inside my tight little body! So yes, fill me up!" Siri screams. As she rides Milo, you can hear the squishy sounds of their fucking. They continue fucking hard and hot until you see them both buck, convulse, and finally lie still.

Siri flops down on Milo, his cock still inside her "Oh my god, yes, I can feel your cum inside me." She kisses Milo. "It feels so warm and gooey," she teases, and his cock grows soft until sliding out of her cum-oozing cunt.

"Can I ask you something?" Siri asks Milo, trepidation evident in her voice.

"Sure," Milo replies.

"I don't want to sound forward or clingy but..." She pauses, too nervous to speak the words. "Um, can I... I mean... If... Maybe... I want to be your girlfriend!" Siri finally manages to blurt out.

"Oh, I see," Milo responds with a chuckle.

"'Oh, I see?' I guess it was silly, I'm sorry, you must think I'm stupid!" Siri looks like she's about to cry.

"Oh no, I didn't mean it that way!" Milo says, comforting Siri "I'd love to date you, even though you haven't even started high school." Siri gets very happy and makes giddy noises as she repeatedly kisses Milo.

EPILOGUE: Having successfully avoided getting pregnant, you revert to male form. Siri continues to date Milo. Your parents at first are hesitant to let their thirteen-year-old daughter date a man in his sixties, but it makes her happy, Milo is decent enough, and, as you eventually learn, your parents have enough perversions of their own to make it a non-issue. Siri gets pregnant so quickly that it might have been a result of their first sexual encounter. She seems happy, and moves in with Milo, who takes very good care of her. She visits you often, telling you stories about her sexual exploits with him, and a few months later, you and your family are proud to meet your new niece, Evelyn. Siri keeps Milo feeling young, and he cares for her well, even after his death fifteen years later.

Game over! You turned into a girl, witnessed your little sister losing her virginity and getting pregnant, and turned back into a boy. Take that however you will. Try again?

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