Good son:You go home from the Hunters house

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You leave the house without incident and go home. You get up to your room and hang out for a few hours. There's a knock at your door. It's your mom she has a worried look on your face "honey I need you to come downstairs" she says. You follow her downstairs, there are cops waiting. The next few minutes are a blur. You're arrested and your parents are told everything and stuff that's not even true. They're really not supposed to be saying anything but it's obvious they are trying to turn your parents against you and it's working. Your mom is crying, your dad is yelling bottom line they're disowning you.

You're taken to the police station but instead of being processed you're taken immediately to an interview room. Your uncuffed and the female officer looks at you "alright strip" she has to be kidding, she looks at you and her male partner grabs you firmly "strip or be stripped asshole" you comply, better to do it yourself then have it done for you and it wouldn't be as pleasant. "That's better" the female cops says "well well what's this" she grabs your junk and squeezes it "this is pretty impressive too bad you're too stupid to know how to use it. Sit" she commands, you're embarrased being completely nude in front of two cops and one being a female, you are more scared of what might happen if you disobey. You sit and are cuffed to the table. The female cop picks your clothes up only leaving your shoes and socks. "Good luck dumbass my advice play ball" and they leave.

You're sitting in the interview room naked. A few minutes go by and finally the door opens and who walks in but Mr Hunter. "Alright you little shit I hope this display proves a point" you sit silent not sure what to do. "That's a good start be quiet and let me explain your situation . As you may have noticed you were never processed, now I may be retired but I still have a lot of favors, so as of right now there technically no record for you. Mostly this was a way to burn you with your folks they won't touch now. Here are your options leave with me you have no legal record but you're mine and my wife's. That fine cock of yours belongs to us. But wouldn't be all bad. Option two you refuse then you are charged you'll go to prison you'll be roomed with some very unsavory characters where you'll spend how knows how long getting ass fucked. And I say unknown as your record will disappear you'll be lost in the system. So what'll it be?"

You look up "ok deal I'll go with you" you say resigning to yourself to what your life will be.

Mr Hunter puts a bottles of water and a pill on the table "ok here's how this works" he says looking at you " I uncuff you, you swallow the pill don't worry it's not poison, what sense does that make, its just to show you'll behave yourself." He uncuffs you, you swallow the pill "good boy put your shoes on and this jacket" he hands you an overcoat and leads you out to his car. As he's driving you start to feel funny, your cock starts to twitch and starts to get hard. Impossibly hard and begins to poke rough the jacket. "Well well look at that" Mr Hunter says as he pulls open the jacket exposing you "looks like that viagra you took is kicking in." He strokes it "yeah this is a fine specimen" he squeezes your balls "so here's the deal my wife she loves sex, but at my age and the viagra is ok but can't it too much heart and all. Anyway you're healthy and can take it. And that fun blue pill will keep you hard for a few hours the fun part" he jerks your cock some more and you cum, your cock though doesn't go down it's still hard "see still hard even if you cum" this will be fun.

And that's your life, you've become an elderly couple's sex slave. It's a humiliating existence they keep pumping you full of viagra to keep you ready.

This was a bad ending try again?

Good son

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