Good son: "I am not your grandson you idiot!"

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"I know! I am so sorry! I have been such a bad grandfahter I really have no right to be your grandpa anymore!" the old man says. He didn´t quite understand what you meant, but whatever.

The old man´s hot meat throbs only a few inches from your face and you use your tongue to gently lick the head.

He lets out a small moan as you try to take the head into your mouth, your lips stretching around it's impressive girth before it finally pops in.

You smile around the shaft slightly as your tongue begins to lick and circle around his cock, pleasuring him further. You aren’t sure if you’ll be able to take much more of him. You place your hands around the thick shaft and slowly begin to stroke it. The old man inside your mouth wants you to go deeper. He grabs the back of your head and forces you down. It's not easy, but you oblige with a few more inches. You start timing your breathing around the thrusts in your mouth and you can taste his salty pre cum whenever he pulls his head back out of your throat.

You can feel the member starting to get thicker. The hand behind your head forces you deep onto his cock, mashing your face into the man’s pubic hair. You can feel the cock explode and flood your mouth with seed. Just before you choke, the member is pulled from your mouth. You cough a little before swallowing his tasty sperm and finally take a deep breath of fresh air.

The old man gives you the money and tells you to come by every time you like.

Originally you came to the retirement home to visit your grandma, but you don´t really feel like visiting her anymore. Besides... you don´t really want to give her a kiss with the mouth that just swallowed a lot of jizz.

You decide to go home.

good son: Saturday evening

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