Good son: "as you wish master!"

From Create Your Own Story

"Wait... before we start... put that on!" Your grandpa walks back to the closet and takes a french maid outfit out. You quickly put it on and watch yourself in the mirror. You look really cute and feminine now.

"You look amazing!" your grandfather compliments you. You are really glad he likes it. "Let´s start the video again!"

He turns on the camera and tells you to get down on your knees.

You open the button of your grandpa´s pants, before slowly unzipping them with your mouth. You smile up at the camera as the massive cock your grandfather hid inside his trousers pops out. His big, hard dick hits your chin.

"Now suck your master off, bitch!"

You imediately wrap your lips around him and start taking him deep inside your mouth.

"I trained you well. You got so good at sucking dick!" Being praised by him makes you so happy. You really are his slut now. You love the manly taste of your master´s meat in your mouth. It turns you on so much.

"Let´s upload this video to the internet. I want everybody to see my little whore!"

You pull your mouth free for a second to answer:

good son: "yes master!"

good son: "no... please don´t!"

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