Good son: "yes master!"

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Thinking about guys jerking off in front of their computer while watching you in a maid outfit, while sucking on a big dick turns you on even more. You take his dick deep down your throat while smiling up at the camera.

"Oh fuck yeah! Take your master´s cock! Swallow it deep!" Your grandpa grabs the back of your head with one hand and starts fucking your face roughly. You love it when your grandpa goes rough on you. You can take his dick without gagging by now too. His big dick sliding deeply down your throat is so wonderful. His balls slap against your chin every time he forces his big meat inside you.

The girly panties from your maid outfit can´t contain your throbbing hard dick either. You pull your skirt up a little bit and slide the panties down a little bit to jerk off too.

"My dick got you hot huh? You should show the people on the internet how you masturbate!" Your grandpa let´s go of your head and his cock slides out of your mouth. You are kind of disappointed. You wanted him to shoot his cum inside you.

good son: take his cock back inside your mouth

good son: show the guy´s on the internet how you masturbate

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