Good son: 02

From Create Your Own Story

All of you form a circle and close your eyes. You hear the first person leaving the room. You are number 2, so you open your eyes and take your clothes of.

The only person missing is Fey, so she picked number 1. You lay yourself on Norene´s bed on your back and close your eyes. You knock on the matress a couple of times to signal the next person to go.

You slowly get hard in anticipation of getting your dick blown. The person with the number 3 doesn´t wait long and grabs your balls with one hand and the base of your shaft with the other before putting your penis inside his/her mouth. Number 3 takes your cock deep inside his mouth while massaging your balls. Whoever the unknown person is, he is really good at giving blowjobs.

One minute is over way too fast and number 3 withdraws his mouth from your penis and leaves the room.

This signals the next person to have a go. Number 4 starts with licking along your shaft. It´s a little bit of a letdown to have someone just lick your raging hard penis after you just got blown really good. Number 4 starts to awkwardly suck the tip of your penis. You are glad when the minute is over and the next person has a go. Number 4 just didn´t make you feel good. You hear the door close and wait for the next unknown person.

Number 5 doesn´t even touch your dick and imediately takes you into his mouth right down to the base. You are getting blown really hard and fast. It feels even better than the first blowjob you got. Number 5 withdraws his mouth from your penis and starts to just jack you off with his hands. You are a little bit disappointed. But it only takes a second before you feel the tongue from number 5 now licking your asshole. It feels kinda nice. You would prefer just a blowjob, but this is fine too. The minute must be close to over and you can´t wait to open your eyes.

All of a sudden the person licking your ass and giving you a handjob stops doing both and grabs both your ankles with his hands and pulls your legs up resting both your feet left and right of your head. You feel something poking your asshole. You open your eyes and can see Norene´s brother just a second before you see and feel his cock enter your ass.

"You are so tight!" he says before he bends down to give you a kiss. Still in shock of what is happening you just let him kiss your lips.

"I was hoping I would get to fuck you!" he tells you "I was hard the entire time while waiting. I won´t be able to hold on much longer!"

Since you got blown by 3 people so far you yourself aren´t far away from an orgasm. But that´s not all. His dick inside your butt actually make you feel really good. Your ass is on fire. You pull his face back down to you and stick your tongue into his mouth. You wrestle with his tongue. This is way too hot. Both of you want to tell the other one you are cumming, but you don´t want to break your kiss. You can feel his hot cum shoot inside you right as you shoot your own load aswell. You can´t believe you just came just from getting your ass fucked.

You clean yourself before going back home. The brother gives you his phone number in case you want to have sex with him again.

go home and good son: go to sleep

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