Good son: 04

From Create Your Own Story

All of you form a circle and close your eyes. You hear the first person leaving the room. You are number 4, so still some time until it is your turn.

The sound of oral sex is filling the room. You can´t exactly make out if it is someone sucking cock or licking pussy though. It´s your turn next anyway so you´ll see then...

After one minute passed you can hear the door closing. The next person steps forward to orally pleasure number 2. Another minute passes by and it´s finally your turn now.

The first thing you notice is Suzy lying naked on the bed. She stares at the ceiling with her legs spread apart. Since she is lying back her tits seem even smaller. She looks completely flat now. Her pussy is incredibly wet. But that is to be expected since she got licked by 2 people before. The only other person left is Norene´s brother.

You don´t wanna waste any more time and dive right into her hot honeypot. Her pussy juice is so tasty you lick up everything you can, but she produces so much more you can´t really keep up with it. You start fingering her tight hole while moving your tongue over her clit. The smell and taste of her sweet cunt made you incredibly hot. You would love to just fuck her right here and now.

good son: screw the rules and just fuck her

good son: follow the rules

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