Good son: Beg for it

From Create Your Own Story

You stand up and get closer to her "come on Mommy make me your little bitch boy, fuck my ass and call me your slut!" you say knowing how fucked up this sounds goading her to make a move. To your surprise she doesn't show any emotion at all, "wait right here" she says in an assertive tone and she disappears out the room. 2 minutes later she strides into the room wearing nothing but a strapon, she walks up to you, slaps your face hard and throws you on the bed, not saying a word she grabs your long black hair and begins fucking your tight asshole hard. She fucks you hard for a solid half hour until you cum. She scoops up the cum and forces it down your throat. In a dark tone she whispers to you "You like being my bitch you little slut", "Yes Mommy", "You like Mommy fucking your ass", "Yes Mommy", "Then tonight at midnight come to my room and I'll show you how to take my dick in your ass". She stick her tongue down your throat and kisses you before she throws you down on your bed and strides out the room.

You just lay there in awe of what just happened, totally exhausted. An hour later you hear your Mom leave the house. As you enjoy the still silence, it is disturbed by loud moaning, as far as you know no one else is in the house.

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