Good son: Convince your mother to take you on a girly shopping spree

From Create Your Own Story

You find your mother in the living room and you sit down beside her and explain your desire to dress as a girl. You don't need to say much as your mom accepts it and gives you a big hug, she seems even glad to hear it. She agrees to take you to the mall and she gladly pays for anything you wish for. You buy a ton of new sexy girl clothes, load of makeup, shoes, tongue and ear piercings, jewelry, underwear and a more feminine hair do which was easy to do as your long black hair gave the stylist plenty to work with. By the time you are finished you are amazed at the results, you look more like a girl than most girls at school and you are smoking hot,like model hot. Your mom gives you one of her cards to go have some fun around the mall while she explores on her own.

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