Good son: Don't hide

From Create Your Own Story

The door down the hall opens. You're in luck, it's Noelle!

She smiles when she sees you and motions for you to follow her. She says "I say the exit sign and I thought you might be trying to sneak in this way. Good thing you didn't try and hide I guess!"

You follow her into the club arm in arm and you a greeted by blaring music, flashing lights and a wall of bodies, writhing to the beat. Noelle tugs on your arm, pulling you to the dance floor and you follow her, though you aren't very good at dancing. You find yourself having more fun than you expected, dancing close to Noelle, grinding you crotch in to her ass. You feel yourself getting hard, knowing the only thing keeping you from direct contact is a few layers of cloth.

A slow song comes on and Noelle sidles close, wrapping her arms around her neck as you place your hands on her hips. Dancing close, there's no way she can't feel your hardness pressing into to her.

"Uh-oh" she says, pulling away from you. Momentarily you're worried that she doesn't like what you're doing but she points out one of the bouncers. "That guy has been eyeing you for a while. I think he might know that I snuck you in. We better hide you quick!"

What do you do?

good son: Hide in the bathroom

good son: Let yourself get caught

good son: leave the club

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