Good son: Enter Mike's asshole

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You decide you wanna fuck Mike. You encourage the boys to go back to kissing and move in behind him. You line your cock up with his virgin asshole and grab his asscheek with your free hand. You pull his cheek to the side to give you greater access to his entrance. You push in. The boys stop kissing. Mike realizes what you're doing and tenses up.

"Relax!" you tell him. "It's just like my fingers. You have to let it in before it feels good.

"No!" Mike refuses. "It's too big!"

"Ron! Help me out here!" you implore. Ron grabs Mike's face and turns him back toward him. Ron encourages his friend and they go back to kissing as you slowly push into Mike. You spit often to lube yourself. You head makes it into the boy and he shudders. You pull back and spit again. You push in and then repeat as you did with your fingers. You go deeper and deeper into the shaking boy. Your thrusts become smoother. Mike's ass relaxes. You spread his cheeks and thrust deeper until you hilt in him. Mike's back arches and he moans loudly.

"Ron!" Mike gasps, kissing your brother again passionately. You start slow-fucking Mike. His ass tightens around you in response to your new rhythm. You sink into his warmth and wrap your body around him. You reach down past Mike and run your hands across Ron's chest. Ron takes your hand and brings it to his mouth. He starts sucking on your finger, breaking his kiss with Mike. You can now freely hear Mike's noises at getting fucked. His voice piercing the quiet in the room.

Good son: Enter Ron's asshole

Good son: Fuck both boys, cumming in Mike

Good son: Fuck both boys, cumming in Ron

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