Good son: Enter Ron's asshole

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You decide you wanna fuck Ron. You raise Ron's legs, pushing Mike up your brother's torso and presenting you with Ron's virgin asshole. You spit on your cock a few times and tell Ron to relax. The boys are unsure what you're doing until you line yourself up with Ron and push in.

"What the hell?" Mike asks astonished. "Get off of him!" Ron grabs Mike's face and turns it back towards his own. Ron kisses Mike passionately and takes your dick. He seems to relax completely. Your thrusts soon become quick, deep, and smooth.

"Ask me to fuck you, Ron!" you say.

"Please fuck me, bro!" Ron replies.

"Tell me to fuck you, Ron!" you say.

"Fuck me, bro! Yes!" Ron replies. Your hips smack against his ass. Both of your groan. You move Mike up further toward your brother's head and have him position himself so that his ass hovers over Ron's mouth. At your encouraging, Ron starts eating his friend out. You watch the show, fucking Ron the whole time. You run your hands along his torso and pinch his nipples. You have Mike turn around so he can watch you fucking Ron while Ron continues to eat him out.

"What do you think, Mike?" you ask.

"Ron!" Mike exclaims. "You're so hot!" Not what you were expecting but you laugh and start sucking Mike's cock while Ron licks his asshole, and you fill Ron with your throbbing cock. Ron's tight hole pulses. You feel your brother's rapid heartbeat around you as he invites you in.

"Ron," you moan. "This will not be the last time I fuck you!" After a moment, Ron pushes Mike's hole away long enough to give you a one worded reply.

"Good," he says. The room then fills with the sounds he makes gladly taking his brother's cock.

Good son: Enter Mike's asshole

Good son: Fuck both boys, cumming in Mike

Good son: Fuck both boys, cumming in Ron

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