Good son: Finger Mike

From Create Your Own Story

"I'll get to you in just a minute," you tell Ron with a smirk before turning your attention back to the ass of the boy in front of you. "First. You gotta relax, Mike. Just let me do my thing. You'll love it." Mike tenses as you start probing him with your finger. You play with his little hole until he relaxes. Then you slip inside of him. He tenses around your finger so you pull back and spin to lube him up just a little. You play with him again and then slip back in. You get further this time. Mike's breathing gets heavier but he relaxes for a little bit longer. You pull back and spit again and repeat. Once your finger is deep enough, you start to stimulate Mike's prostate. He writhes just a little. You finger him for a few minutes and then add a second finger.

Ron watches. His hands fondle his little package. You look over to him and back to Mike. "Are you liking it, Mike?"

"...yes," Mike responds after a moment.

"Good," you say, pulling your fingers out of him.

"Why did you stop?" Mike asks.

"You can get more when Ron says you can," you reply. Mike looks over at Ron who seems unsure of what to do.

"What do you want me to do?" Mike asks Ron.

"I don't know," Ron says.

"It can be anything you want. He's at your mercy," you tell your brother. You grab Mike's ass and push him towards Ron. Ron says nothing. You see him turn bright red. Mike looks at him thoughtfully for a second and then crawls to him and kisses him. The kiss lasts a moment before the boys part. They look at each other for a moment and you watch them, surprised. It seems Mike may have had a little crush on your cute little brother. They kiss again and then again. Their 4th kiss turns into a full on make out session and the boys begin wrapping their arms around each other. Ron pulls Mike close and you sit back and enjoy the view. From your angle, you have a perfect view of their hard cocks and hairless asses. You move behind them and start rimming them, trading one ass for another back and forth. You pull off of them and stroke yourself. The boys look up at you inquisitively wondering what you're about to do.

Good son: Enter Mike's asshole

Good son: Enter Ron's asshole

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