Good son: Fuck both boys, cumming in Ron

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Mike climbs off of Ron and you flip your brother over onto his hands and knees. You run your hands over his smooth ass cheeks and then spread them to reveal his winking hole. You bring your meat to it and run your shaft along his sweet entrance. Mike watches and starts stroking himself as you pull back and aim your head, then grab your brother's hips and pull him back onto you. You push into him and feel him squeezing around you. He moans as you lean forward and take ahold of his shoulders. You pull him back so that he leans against you, giving you a view of his face. You thrust gently, rocking him with you as you look into his wanting eyes.

"Are you ready, baby boy?" you ask.

"Fuck yes," he responds softly in almost a gasp. You brother doesn't swear much. He's too young for that. You smile that you've provoked such a response. You turn towards Mike and meet his gaze. "Watch closely. You're next." You let Ron fall to the bed and slam into him, then piston in and out. He greedily takes you in and your balls slap against him. Mike starts groaning as he strokes himself faster. He leans forward and kisses Ron. The boys start making out as you go to town on Ron's little ass. After a minute, you grab Ron's shoulder again and pull him away from his friend. You rotate and fall back on the bed, your brother now on top of you. You hilt into him and pull him tightly against you. He squeals and his ass flexes and tightens around you. You pull back, feel him relax, and spread his cheeks and pull out of him. Ron climbs off of you as you grab Mike and pull him onto you. You turn him toward you and press your lips to his. Your tongue invades his mouth and dances with his. As you make out with the boy, you make the necessary adjustments until your cockhead is pushing against his pucker. You push up into him and he breaks the kiss, groaning as you push past his ring. You push him up and watch as he slowly bounces on your lap and adjusts to your girth. With Mike leaving a vacancy, Ron leans over you and smells your chest.

"You smell so good, bro! Even better than your shorts!" He sticks out his tongue and licks from just below your ribs up toward your neck. You catch him and pull him into a kiss. His eager tongue makes its way into your mouth and you feel him moan in satisfaction. You break the kiss and put your arms around Mike. You raise yourself off the bed and put the boy's back against the wall. Gravity pulls his hole down on you and you push deep into him. You feel the boy shake around you. You kiss his neck and then move up to nibble on his ear as you pick up the pace in fucking him.

"Oh fuck!" Mike moans. His arms wrap around your back for support but his left hand works its way back to your chest. You fuck him faster and feel his hand clench and his nails dig into you. You grab his wrist and pull his hand off of you. You bring him back down to the bed and pin his arms above his head, then slam into him. Tears start welling in his eyes. You are momentarily brought out of your heated fucking, wondering if you overdid it. Before you can recover, Ron moves in and kisses him. When Ron pulls away, you see Mike smile. Ron turns to you and makes out with you. You resume slow-fucking Mike and bring Ron's cock closer to his friend's face. Mike starts sucking on Ron's ball. Ron breaks the kiss in surprise. You pull out of Mike and have Ron climb over him. You get the boys into position for a 69 and re-enter Mike. You fuck him for a few seconds while he sucks your brother's cock. Then you pull out and shove your cockhead toward Ron's face. He opens his mouth and you push into it. You fuck your brother's mouth for a moment and pull out, then back into Mike. You repeat this process a few times. Then, while your cock pushes into Ron's throat, you grab the back of his head. You pull him off of your cock and up for a kiss. You take your brother off of Mike and hop onto the bed. You position Ron and enter him again. Mike quickly climbs onto his hands and knees next to Ron and points his ass at you. After a moment, you pull out of Ron and plunge into Mike. You repeat this cycle, changing the configurations of the boys every now and again until you feel a swelling in your balls. By this point, both boys are a sweating mess with their hair plastered to their heads. Ron cheerfully takes your dick in and out of his loosened hole. You smile and pick up the pace. You push him hard against the bed, rocking back and forth on to of him, slapping your hips against his cheeks as he squeals. You groan as you feel yourself being to come. You spread your brother's cheeks and thrust forward, firing off shot after shot of your cum deep inside him. You feel him stiffen and shake in an orgasm of his own before he goes limp. You collapse against him and slowly pull out of him. Your softening dick drips with your cum and the ass juices of both boys. You bring your finger to Ron's gapping hole and take some of the mixture. You bring your hand up to his face and he wraps his lips around your finger and sucks. He frowns a little.

"It's still good," he says, "but I liked it better before."

"That's ok," he says. "From now on, you can suck my cock any time you like." You kiss him and he moans into your mouth. Mike climbs over to you, and you kiss him. "Ron?" you ask. "Aren't you gonna finish your friend off?" Ron smiles and nods. He take's Mike's cock into his mouth and sucks for a minute, while you and Mike return to making out. After a minute. Ron pulls himself off of Mike to get another kiss from you. He strokes Mike and Mike begins shaking and moaning.

"Oh!" Mike groans. "Oh! Oh yes!" You look over at him. Ron pulls away from your kiss and turns back toward his friend. Mike stiffens and you grab Ron's head to push it toward's his cock. Mike shoots out cum in ropes across Ron's face. When his orgasm subsides, he falls back onto the bed, panting. "Holy shit!"

"Is that the first time that's happened to you?" you ask.

"Yeah..." he responds after a moment.

"Lucky boy!" you say and lie down with them both.

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