Good son: Get Down There And Suck

From Create Your Own Story

You quickly get down on your knees and begin eagerly sucking away at this at least 9" cock. You hear deep moans coming from the other side as you step up the pace, it's not long before a load is shot down your throat and your cleaning the rest off the cock with your tongue. The cock then retracts from the hole and you quickly clean up and wait outside the other stall. The door is unlocked and opened and before you with a look of shock, is your P.E. teacher Mr Phillips. "Tim?" is all he can say before you usher him back into the stall and go in with him. You lock the stall door and begin passionately kissing him. Before you know it you're bent over the seat being thoroughly seen to by Mr Phillips huge meaty member. Not much is said as he pounds your sweet ass and you feel like you're being ridden by an experienced assfucker. He finishes up your ass, zips up and whispers in your ear "See you at school tomorrow" before kissing your cheek and leaving.

-Good son: Catch up to him

-Good son: Stick around the mall

-Good son: Head home

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