Good son: Get up and try out your new persona to get more cock

From Create Your Own Story

You get dressed and practically glide down the stairs, you finally feel so free and comfortable and turned on by yourself. You spring into the kitchen to find your mom making lunch, "Hello Mommy!" you say as you give her a big hug, "hello Tim, I like this new you, you seem much more cheerier than you usually are and that voice is sexy as hell it's like a cross between Margot Robbie in the Wolf Of Wall Street and Mr Slave on South Park. Anyway, how was he?" your face drops as your mother asks you, "w...what do you mean" you nervously mumble, "Oh come on son, your Father told me all about it, he tells me about all his, endeavors. And he told me you were the best he's ever had, acting like his little whore, That's how I got him too" your mother says as you stare at her in amazement "You knew all along? And... You're OK with it?", "Well of course, we've always had an open relationship, we love each other but we know we can't always satisfy the others needs. we have one rule he can't fuck any girl except me and I can't fuck any guy except him. And the full family fucking thing never bothered me. I've been fucking your Aunt Stacy since we were teenagers. Actually I was delighted when he told me what you did, when you were born I bet him a hundred bucks you'd turn out gay. What do you say we go out together and celebrate my baby boy coming out the closet in style?". You're stunned at first, how do you react.

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