Good son: Go to town on Mike's cute little body

From Create Your Own Story

You look at Mike and notice he's stopped whining about what's gay. While your brother sucks the boy's little cock, you start playing with his nipples. "What are you doing?" Mike asks as if wondering if he should object.

"Chill, dude. Just close your eyes and enjoy yourself." You drop down, your head next to Ron's and you start licking up and down Mike's chest. You feel Mike's hand on your side. He pushes just a little bit but relaxes after a moment, then resting his arm around your shoulders. You move your mouth to his nipple and start playing with it using your tongue. You and Ron meet each other's eyes and smile. He goes back to the blowjob. You move your head to Mike's other nipple, giving it a playful nibble. Mike just moans. You bite down just enough to make him jump. You hear your brother gag slightly from Mike's dick pushing into his throat as a reaction. Ron pulls off Mike's dick.

"Damn!" Mike exclaims. "Does this mean we're done?" He starts sitting up. You push him back down and start kissing his neck and licking around his throat. You invite Ron to resume. He does.

That was a close one.

Good son: Go to town on Ron's cute little body

Good son: Try to get Mike to suck you off

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