Good son: Go to town on Ron's cute little body

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You watch your brother sucking his friend's dick and move over to him. You run your hands over his smooth butt cheeks and give them a squeeze. He seems to giggle in response. Of course it's hard to tell with his mouth full. You run your hands up and down Ron's body and grab his waist as you bring your head down on him and start kissing up his back and to his neck. You work your way down and lick along his spine. When you get to his ass, you knead his cheeks a little and play with them. Ron's breathing gets deeper and heavier. His sucking becomes more deliberate, causing Mike to moan in pleasure. Finally, you spread Ron's cheeks to get a clear view of his little, pink asshole. You dig in, pushing your tongue sharply against him and rimming him. Ron stops sucking Mike. Taking his friend's dick out of his mouth, he moans.

"Bro. That feels so good," he says.

"What feels so good?" Mike asks. "What's he doing?" You smile to yourself and bring your finger up, playing with Ron's little pucker while you kiss, lick, and nibble on his ass cheeks.

"Oh bro! Keep going," Ron begs. Mike adjusts himself so he can see what you're up to. You bring your mouth back to Ron's hole and feast on it, his cheeks around your mouth and your nose pressing into his crack.

"Does that really feel good?" Mike asks. "It looks kind of weird." You pull your tongue back and again replace it with your finger. You play with him a little before you push your fingertip in just past his ring. Ron moans louder than before.

"It hurts, bro," he says.

"Just relax," you encourage. "Give it a minute." You give him a minute and push your finger deeper. Once you're deep enough, you start to stimulate Ron's prostate. He gasps and groans in pleasure.

"Oh yeah! Bro! Keep going."

"It can't be that good. You're just being gay!" Mike objects. Ron doesn't respond. He's focuses on your finger as you add another one. Mike looks like he's about to leave.

"Ron. Go back to sucking Mike." He does and Mike contents himself with your brother's soft lips. Ron's moaning even causes a buzzing around Mike's cock.

Good son: Fuck Ron

Good son: Mike wants to be rimmed

Good son: Finger Ron to climax

Good son: Go to town on Mike's cute little body

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