Good son: Grandpa walks in

From Create Your Own Story

As Ron's head rests on your shoulder, you hear a moan from your right, and a stream of cum sprays across your face. Startled, you look over to see Grandpa standing next to you, his nine-inch dick hard, still cumming over you and Ron.

"Grandpa," you snap "what the fuck?!" Your Grandpa just smiles as he bends down and kisses you, forcing his tongue into your mouth. It takes a moment before you realize that Ron is watching you and Grandpa kiss.

"Ron," Grandpa asks, "has he taught you about the boy pussy yet?"

"No," Ron answers with a laugh, "girls have pussy, Grandpa, boys have dicks."

Grandpa laughs and says "Yes, but boys have one too, you know." Ron looks intrigued by this and asks where it is. "Well," Grandpa says, "how about I take your brother here and fuck his boy pussy while you watch, and if you like it, then he can do the same for you?"

You look at Grandpa, fear and anticipation fighting for control as Ron says "Cool." Grandpa takes Ron from your lap and seats him in your office chair before he:

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