Good son: Have Ron blow Mike

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You pull Ron up and over to where Mike's boy cock stands at attention. Ron smells it.

"His doesn't smell as good as yours does, bro."

"Gee thanks!" Mike objects.

"You can blow me later," you say. "You could use the practice first though."

"That is so gay!" Mike repeats.

"Are you complaining?" you counter. Mike says nothing. With your encouragement, Ron puts his lips over Mike's dick and swirls his tongue like he did with you. Mike immediately starts moaning, arching his back on the bed. "Feel's good doesn't it?" you ask Mike. You then turn your attention to your brother. "It felt good to me. But you can't do the same thing every time." You put your hand on Ron's head and grab a fistful of his hair. "Eventually. You have to go deeper." With that, you push your brother's head down, his mouth taking his best friend's dick further in. Mike groans and grabs the sheets. Ron starts bobbing his head. With your encouragement, Mike replaces your hand on Ron's head with his own.

"Mike's got a good dick to start with. Short and small," you tease.

"Hey!" Mike objects. You laugh. Mike has no follow up so he goes silent. Soon the only sound in the room is Ron's slurping and Mike's occasional gentle moans. How can you get involved?

good son: Go to town on Ron's cute little body

good son: Go to town on Mike's cute little body

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