Good son: He kneads your bruised ass cheeks while tonguing your hole

From Create Your Own Story

You feel Grandpa's hand grasps your cheeks and pull them apart. The pain is sudden and you whimper, tears coming to your eyes as you feel his breath, cool and soothing as it caresses the sore flesh of your tortured ass. "God, how I love to see that," Grandpa says, as his tongue licks across your tight pink rosebud.

You stiffen at first, not sure what he will do next, but then his tongue starts to move, exploring your hole as his kisses had your mouth, and to your surprise, you like it. Grandpa's hand kneads into your tender cheeks, causing pain as his tongue soothes you with a strange pleasure. Before long, one of Grandpa's hands moves to stroke your growing erection. You bite your lower lip to keep from moaning, not wanting him to stop, but it's just too much, and soon you begin to rock your hips into his hand.

Grandpa chuckles as he rises up from his ministrations. "Well, it looks like my little sissy is just about ready, folks, so let's get started."

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