Good son: Hide in the bathroom

From Create Your Own Story

Grabbing Noelle by the hand, you drag her into the nearest room you can find: the men's bathroom.

Luckily the bathroom is mostly empty. You drag Noelle into one of the stalls that line one side of the room, locking the door behind you. Noelle giggles, saying "I didn't think I would be having so much adventure tonight!" You lean in close and kiss her and she reciprocates eagerly. For a long time the two of you stand in stall, just quietly making out.

You hear the door to the bathroom open and you and Noelle stop suddenly. You hear heavy footfalls make their across the linoleum floor, finally coming to a stop just in front of the stall the two of you are currently occupying. For a moment you're afraid you've been caught, but the footsteps continue on and the door to the stall next to yours opens.

It's than that you see the hole in the stall's wall. You hear a belt buckle being undone, and pair of pants hitting the floor. Suddenly through the hole you see

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