Good son: I've got sugar for you Mr. Hunter

From Create Your Own Story

Mr. Hunter looks up at your comment. "What's did you say, son?"

You appraised Mr. Hunter. He was a bit of a sad sack. He had gotten skinny in his old age and with his skinny frame it made him look rather feeble. Not nearly as strong or as handsome as your grandpa.

"I said, 'I've got something for you Mr. Hunter'." you said, giving him a wink and biting your lower lip.

Mr. Hunter seemed still a bit confused. You bet no one had hit on him in a very long time.

You decide you're gonna have to take matters into your own hands, and mouth.

You stride over to him, fuss with his belt and zipper, he hardly even reacts. Once his cock is out you see that he has a heavy 5-inch, flacid cock surrounded by gray pubes and paired with two very low, very big balls.

You take the uncut cock in your mouth and look up at Mr. Hunter with your eyes wide open. Despite his age he is hard in seconds and you are now bobbing merrily on a 9-inch monster cock.

good son: swallow his sugar

good son: take your shorts off and get on the counter

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