Good son: Mike sucks your cock

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"...Ok," Mike says.

"Ok what?" you ask. Mike doesn't say anything. He shyly crawls over to you. You hop up on your knees and present your member to him. He slowly outstretches his hand and touches you with his fingers. After a moment, he wraps his fingers around your shaft and moves his head towards you. You catch him by his hair and stop him. "I wanna hear you say it." Mike tightens his fingers around you.

"I'll suck your cock," he says. You let his hair go. He brushes his lips against your cockhead and takes it into his mouth just a little. After some hesitation, he takes you further. It feels lazy and doesn't do much for you. You push him off of you and look over at Ron, who's stroking himself. "Look at Ron, Mike. Suck me like he sucked you. Don't be shy and lazy. You saw how much he liked it right?" Mike doesn't say anything. You call Ron over to you. He takes over for Mike and sucks you off. Ron is by no means perfect but he's eager. He sucks you hungrily and takes you deep as he can. He brings himself back to your head and swirls his tongue. You call Mike over to you and bring him in close to your cock. You trade your cock from Ron's mouth over to Mike's.

Mike takes you into his mouth. He doesn't match Ron but he is starting to get more into it. You trade back and forth between them, each boy getting better and more into it with each time your cock enters his mouth. Soon, Mike starts properly sucking your shaft. Ron decides to go for your balls. You moan, looking up at the ceiling while the boys pleasure you. You then look back down at them. You get close to cumming but you don't want to blow yet. You tell Mike you're ready to give him what he wants. Ron lays on the side of the bed strokes himself again. You push Mike onto his back and lift his legs to present his little asshole. You bring your mouth down between his cheeks and lick him.

At first you give him a few basic licks. Then you tonguing along his ring and finally into it. Mike starts moaning. You come up for air and glance at his face briefly. This seems to be the first gay thing he's fully enjoyed. You get back to it and swirl your tongue along his hole. You bring your finger up and start playing with him like you played with Ron. Your finger rubs him and pushes into him just a little. You get your fingertip in and pull it back.

"Ah! That hurts," Mike says.

"You gotta relax," you tell him. You look over to Ron who looks at you longingly, you catch his eyes on your dick. "You ready for more, baby boy?" you ask him.

"Yeah bro!" Ron replies.

Good son: Finger Mike

Good son: Give up on Mike and switch to Ron

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