Good son: Mike wants to be rimmed

From Create Your Own Story

As you finger Ron, Mike suddenly pushes him off his dick. "Ok. Do that to me," he demands. You pull your fingers out of your brother and let him flop down onto the bed.

"I don't know, Mike. Don't you think it'll be gay?" You ask, teasing him.

"Just do it," Mike urges.

"No. You'll have to earn it," you decide. Mike gets up and looks at you.

"What do you want?" Mike asks.

"Suck my cock."


"Then I won't rim you."

"I'm not gay!"

"Suck me," you say, "Or suck him!" You gesture to Ron. "I think he's earned it."

"Then you suck him!" Mike counters.

"Do you want me to rim you or not?" you ask. Mike thinks. He looks over at Ron who is still visibly pleasured from your tongue and fingers.

Good son: Mike sucks your cock

Good son: Mike sucks Ron's cock

Good son: Mike refuses

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