Good son: Mr Green caught you talking

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Mr. Green makes you and Peter stay after school for detention. After everyone else is gone, you stay in the detention hall, under his supervision, ready to spend a boring couple of hours.

Surprisingly, after a couple of minutes of sitting at his desk, Mr. Green gets up and says "I bet you two shits thought that this was going to be another boring detention, but that's not the case! I believe the only way to set you straight is to administer a good old-fashioned punishment!" Peter and you look at each other in disbelief. "Get over here!" shouts Mr. Green. You start to sweat a little.

"What the hell is going on?" you wonder, but you do as the teacher says. "Bend over this desk and pull down your pants!" you hear the older man say. You cannot believe what you heard, and neither can Peter. You stare at the teacher in astonished silence.

"Do as you're told, you little shits!" shouts Mr. Green, the veins in his neck pulsing with anger. You can see that this man is probably insane. He frightens you a lot, so you decide to do as he says. You bend over the desk and pull your pants down. After a moment, so does Peter.

"Good!" says Mr. Green, as he reaches behind the desk and produces a thin, long steel rod. "Now drop your underwear. NOW!" he yells. "I'm going to spank your asses to teach you not to disrespect me during class again!" You hesitantly decide to do as you're told. A weird sensation is starting to come over you. You can see that Peter's face is red. "Is this excitement or fear?" you wonder.

The moment you bare you ass, you hear a smacking sound, and seconds later, you feel an explosion of pain on your ass. You scream in pain. The teacher doesn't seem to take notice. He keeps slapping your butt with the rod, again, and again, and again. After a dozen strikes, he turns his attention to Peter and repeats the punishment. The weird thing is that after the first pain subsides you realize that you somehow enjoyed the experience, and anticipate the next strike eagerly! You arch your back and spread your ass to give the teacher better access.

"What's this?!" exclaims Mr. Green. "Is this little bitch enjoying it? My God! I knew you were a freak the minute I saw you, but I hadn't realized just how much of a freak you were! I bet you like taking it up the ass too, like a whore, don't you?"

"Errr.. no sir!" you mumble.

Peter is looking at you and licking his lips. He enjoys this too, it seems. "No?" says the teacher. "I don't believe you! Luckily, there is a very simple way to find out. I'll stick something in your asshole. If it doesn't go in easily and it hurts, then I'll believe you. If it just slides right in without any effort, then you are a little slut, as I suspected!"

You don't know how to react to that. You hold your breath and wait to see what comes next. You feel the cold tip of the steel rod at the edge of your hole. With an abrupt motion the older man thrusts it in. Your asshole swallows the rod greedily. It feels cold at first, but quickly the heat of your insides covers the sensation.

"Well whadayaknow!" exclaims Mr. Green. "This voracious pit you call an asshole needs at least five more rods like this one to fill it up! In fact, let's see how much we can stuff in there." He takes out the rod. You wish he hadn't, but then you feel something warm and soft, dripping with fluid, being inserted into your asshole. As you realize it's one of Mr. Green's fingers, he inserts another and another until his whole fist, up to the wrist, is in your ass, before he starts thrusting his fist deep inside you like a piston.

"Well I'll be!" says the man. "He still has room for more!! Come here, you!" he shouts to Peter. "Stand behind him and give me your dick. Hahaha! I see that it is already erect! You little faggot!" He positions Peter behind you and, grabbing your classmate's dick, he pushes it inside your asshole. You let out a huge moan of satisfaction. You think that you'll faint from the pleasure. And then you feel Mr. Green's hand joining Peter's dick inside your ass.

You realize that you're being fucked by a cock and a fist at the same time. Even you didn't think that they could both fit inside your ass! They pick up the pace and soon they're fucking you brutally with all their strength. Someone grabs your hair and pulls it hard. The sensation is unbearably sexy. You start cumming and soon you feel Peter's cum filling your ass. "Oh Gooooooooood," you scream, and Peter moans with you as he thrusts his dick deep inside you for the final time. You both stand and pull up your pants under Mr. Green's gaze.

"Your ass is gonna hurt like hell for days," says the teacher. "Let that be a lesson to you. If you ever disrespect me again, the punishment will be ten times as worse than this."

'Punishment?', you wonder. 'This was the best time I've ever had!' You can see that Peter enjoyed it as well. With a wink, he looks at you in a way that says that he wants to repeat this very soon.

You leave the school and get home in the evening.

good son: evening

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