Good son: Mr Green takes you back to school

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Once you get in his Car Mr Green starts to tell you how bad of children you both are while you eye Michael's groin.

"So Boys what were you doing skipping school for?" Mr Green asked smiling.

"Um nothing we just wanted to get something from my house for a school project." Michael says smiling.

"Is that so then why are you Tim looking down at Michael's groin in lust?" Mr Green asks you suddenly making your eyes shoot up and meeting his.

"What do you mean by that sir?" You asked shocked.

"You know what I mean. Now Michael get out. Tim you will stay with me unless Michael wants to help with the punishment." Mr. Green says smiling and getting a nod from Michael.

Arriving back at school Mr Green brings the two of you into his classroom before locking the door and covering the window.

"Michael I need you to help Tim out of his pants will you please while I get myself ready." Mr Green asks before going into his office just off the side of the room.

" Of course Mr. Green do you also want his shirt off?" Michael asks as he pulls your pants and boxers down to your ankles before taking your shoes off and then sliding your pants off completely and stepping on them so you cannot easily grab them back.

"Yes please Micheal." Mr Green says as he comes out of his office with four pairs of handcuffs which he quickly puts one side of each cuff on your wrists and ankles one cuff on each.

"What do you want me to do now Mr Green?" Michael asks after pulling your shirt off.

"Grab his hands and cuff them to the front two legs of my desk I'll cuff his ankles in a few minutes." Mr Green says and once that is done you are lying on Mr Green's desk arms spread eagle.

"Good now Tim I want you to suck my cock until I cum. Do you understand?" Mr Green asks as he drops his pants and signals for Michael to do the same before bringing his cock to your face.

You somewhat grudgingly open your mouth and start to suck on Mr Green's cock before staring to get into it and be very passionate.

"Good boy Tim now I want you to lick suckle Michaels as well as mine until we both cum." Mr Green said signaling for Michael to come over and join him.

After they both cum Mr Green cuffs your ankles which had been dangling off the back side of the desk to the back legs making you completely spread eagle.

"Now Michael I need you to continue pounding his mouth while I take his ass." Mr Green says before slipping something around your cock and balls and tightening it. Once that is done Mr Green carefully spread your ass cheeks and shoves his entire length into you in one fluid motion making you scream out but it is cut off by Michael's cock being in your mouth.

"Ohh Tim your ass is so tight and it feels so wonderful. Now Michael I need you to go into my office and get the ball gag from the top drawer." Mr Green said causing Michael to pull out of your mouth making you moan in sadness.

Once Michael comes back into the room Mr Green strapped the Ball Gag onto you tightly making you wince in pain.

"Now Michael why I had you receive the gag is I want you to also experience Tim's tight ass. I will pull out for a few minutes until you cum and then I will join you inside him okay." Mr Green said before pulling out of your ass and Michael shoving harshly in.

After Michael came in your ass which took about ten minutes you feel the need to cum but find yourself unable to.

"Oh So Tim you have discovered what my toy is now. It prevents you from being able to cum until I allow you too." Mr Green said before shoving into your ass along with Michael making you scream out in pain.

Once Mr Green and Michael both came in you ass again Mr Green went back into his office while ordering Michael to continue pounding your ass. When he returns he is holding a butt plug with a small button on the side of it.

"Now Tim I am going to join Michael in your ass again but once we both come again I will be putting this vibrator butt plug in your ass. Now I am going to send you home with it in and on along with your cock ring on. When you come to school Tomorrow you will stay in at lunch. If you do not have either in or on properly I will have to have your grade drop drastically. If it is in then I will remove it to see if you still have to cum and if the cum is still inside you. If not then your grade will drop drastically and you will need another detention like this one every day for the next month. Do you understand?" Mr Green asked as he pushed in again making you moan in pleasure while nodding.

good son: evening

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