Good son: Sarah

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Sarah is a cheerleader and comes with all the stereotypes you can think of. She isn´t the brightest, has big boobs, long blonde hair and a great body in general. She always wears revealing clothes.

"Hi Tim" she says looking up from her mobile phone just for a second. You don´t know her too well, but when you were younger she was sometimes looking after you and your younger brother and sister even though she is only 2 years older than you.

"So, my mom wanted me to help her in the garden this afternoon. But I am like ´no thank you I don´t want to get dirty mom. So I said I was busy this afternoon. So I am like totally trying to find a friend I can go to this afternoon, but everybody is like totally busy. And I can´t go to my best friend Jen because she is a total bitch right now. Do you like want to hang out with me after school or whatever? But not to your place. My mom would totally see us go there. Just meet me at the school library after school if you wanna hang out. That´s what I told my mom I would go to anyway. Yeah right lol"

You are have not decided if you want to go yet, but Sarah didn´t ask for a definite answer anyway so you can still decide later. For now just go to class

good son: enter your classroom (03)

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